DA MAN October/November 2014

What’s Inside:

  • Actor Josh Dallas from “Once Upon a Time” made his own way to the top but remains extremely grateful for the success
  • Arifin Putra manages to be a likeable villain on screen and a likeable human being in reality
  • Though music and acting are already in her blood, Eva Celia never takes it easy as she moves ever forward
  • Though he used to doubt himself, Alexander Koch, star of the “Under the Dome” TV series, is now taking the world by storm
  • Ambitious and sexy actress Willa Holland keeps busy by doing the things she loves best
  • Twin brothers Max and Charlie Carver clearly have the most fun when they’re on set together
  • Jon Bernthal never saw a clear path to stardom, but he made it happen anyway
  • 135 pages of fashion to take in before the year ends