DA MAN Oct/Nov 2015

What’s Inside:

  • The talented, humble and ridiculously funny Topher Grace talks about the joys and challenges of life as an actor
  • Miller Khan raps about his passion for acting and lyrics, along with secrets to his great physique
  • London-born actress and martial artist Hannah Al Rashid punches way above her weight in action-packed films
  • From “Crash” to “Ant-Man,” Michael Peña brought memorable performances that constantly evolve
  • After debuting in “The Sopranos,” Emily Wickersham continues to make waves, including in popular TV series “NCIS.”
  • Alexander Dreymon plays it cool as the undisputed king of “The Last Kingdom”
  • Exclusive fashion shoots shot right here in Indonesia, Los Angeles and all the way in the U.K., along with dozens of pages of style