DA MAN Jun/Jul 2011

Cover DA MAN Jun/Jul 2011

What’s Inside:

  • Exotic actress Ziah Colon tangos with a fresh-faced model.
  • Christine Donlon is one of the sexy seductresses on “Femme Fatales.” She’s also stunning in sheer, skimpy lingerie.
  • Playing the ruthless and cool Cesare in hit TV show “The Borgias,” Canada’s François Arnaud also shows us his modern takes on fashion.
  • Teuku Wisnu got into acting to pay off an urgent debt a few years ago. Now, he is one of the hottest celebs in Indonesia.
  • Atiqah Hasiholan has cooly taken her place alongside some of the sexiest celebs of all time, from Marilyn Monroe to Brigitte Bardot as the Lux ambassador. She takes time to catch up with DA MAN again in this exclusive.
  • You knew him as the nice guy on “Dawson’s Creek,” now James Van Der Beek is reviving his career.
  • Nice guys sometimes do finish first and Chris Gorham of “Ugly Betty” and “Covert Affairs” is living proof.
  • “True Blood” star Ryan Kwanten is a cool Australian with that leading man vibe, a style all his own, and a wealth of talent.
  • 98 pages of stylish summer attires