DA MAN June/July 2015

What’s Inside:

  • Playing as the Thing in this year’s “Fantastic Four,” Jamie Bell has come a long away from debuting in the award-winning “Billy Elliot”
  • Tatjana Saphira talks about her upcoming movie, her new musical TV series and her natural penchant for writing
  • Maruli Tampubolon recounts his exhilarating journey from offices and courtrooms to musical stages and film sets
  • Danielle Panabaker takes on every role like a true pro, like when she plays a future super villain in “The Flash”
  • Randall Park touches on diversity and cultural clashes through “Fresh Off the Boat”
  • Ricky Whittle certainly knows how to perform, whether it’s in front of a thousand sport fans or a single camera
  • 102 pages of fashion and style to emulate for the summer