DA MAN June/July 2013

Cover DA MAN June/July 2013

What’s Inside:

  • Daniel Mananta is known for being one of the hottest MC’s in Indonesia, but he has also made a name for himself as an entrepreneur and producer through his Damn Inc. media and fashion empire.
  • Titi Rajo Bintang is one of Indonesia’s most beloved musicians and actresses, having won many awards for her musical scores and powerful performances.
  • In his career, Sam Witwer has played many fantastic roles, everything from a spaceship pilot to a supervillain to a Jedi knight. These days you can catch him playing a vampire on the TV show “Being Human,” which just finished its third season. He talks to DA MAN about playing the undead, playing with his band the Crashtones and how being a geek has helped his career.
  • Will Yun Lee takes on “The Wolverine” this summer, playing one of the superhero’s greatest foes, the Silver Samurai. The accomplished actor and martial artist, who was once named “One of the Sexiest Men Alive” talks to DA MAN about getting ready to fight.
  • Justin Bartha is probably best known in Asia for his role in the megahit “Hangover” series. He talks to DA MAN about his career path, the challenges of playing a gay man and how a broken wrist led him to become an actor.
  • 110 pages of sizzling summer fashion