DA MAN Feb/Mar 2013

Cover DA MAN Feb/Mar 2013

What’s Inside

  • After continuous massive success as an actor, Reza Rahadian tries his luck behind the camera.
  • Against all odds, Paula Verhoeven is set to be the most well-known Indonesian top model both in and outside the country.
  • Through his character in “The Big Bang Theory,” Johnny Galecki shows that geeks do get the girls.
  • As a teenager, Nick Wechsler got his breakthrough playing a jock on the alien-themed TV high school drama “Roswell.” All grown up now, Wechsler finds himself being an ‘alien’ among the riches of the Hamptons in “Revenge,” where he plays the only honest man in a town full of schemers.
  • Playing professional con man Neal Caffrey in “White Collar,” Matt Bomer is a scene stealer in his own right. He talked to DA MAN about working on the show, his experiences working in Hollywood, how fatherhood has changed his life, and how his fans have made him cry.
  • 72 pages of the season’s hottest trends