DA MAN Feb/Mar 2021

What’s Inside

  • COVER STORY: A chat with young actor Jack Dylan Grazer of “We Are Who We Are” and “Shazam!” fame about his creative process when building a character and on evolving to be the actor that he is today.
  • HUNTER DOOHAN: Exclusive insight into his appearance in “Your Honor,” on working with his favorite actor and more
  • PAUL RABIL: Pro lacrosse athlete Paul Rabil gives us an intro into his favorite sport and his impressive entrepreneurial portfolio outside the field.
  • RONEN RUBINSTEIN: Everything from the “9-1-1: Lone Star” TV series to saving the planet.
  • ANGGA YUNANDA: The up-and-coming Indonesian actor Angga Yunanda recalls his journey in showbiz and talks about his dream roles.
  • HEALTH: As links between vitamin D deficiency and susceptibility to COVID-19 are unearthed, interest in this “sunshine nutrient” is at an all-time high.