DA MAN Apr/May 2016

What’s Inside:

  • Age is just a number, as showcased magnificently by Frank Grillo of “Captain America: Civil War” fame
  • Singer Vidi Aldiano returns to music with plans for a major album release
  • In her second appearance on DA MAN, Julie Estelle talks about her future in internationally-produced action movies
  • K-drama superstar Ji Chang-wook showcases his dashing style with a helping hand from Dunhill London
  • Jonny Weston, who made a name for himself with “Chasing Mavericks” and, more recently, the last couple of “Divergent” movies, talks about his career and upcoming works
  • New Zealand actor Martin Henderson from “Grey’s Anatomy” keeps it real amid the glam of Hollywood
  • More than a 100 pages of sharp fashion styles for summer