DA MAN Apr/May 2021

What’s Inside

  • COVER STORY: We reconnect with a long-time friend of the magazine, actor and environmentalist Nicholas Saputra, to talk about his journey into producing and his push towards creating awareness about global warming.
  • LUDI LIN: An exclusive chat with the star of the upcoming—and highly-anticipated—”Mortal Kombat” reboot.
  • OWEN TEAGUE: The American actor shares with us about his role in hit series “The Stand,” as well as his thoughts on author Stephen King who wrote the original novel the show’s based on.
  • TOM RILEY: British actor Tom Riley has a lot on his plate for the foreseeable future, and he shares it all with us in this exclusive interview and photo shoot.
  • KEY LOOKS: Some of the best, most outstanding fashion pieces for the spring/summer 2021 season.
  • HEALTH: Answers to some of the nagging questions you might still have about the COVID-19 vaccine.