Auchentoshan Cocktails by Jamey Merkel

WHISKING AROUND. Along with famous mixologist Jamey Merkel, Auchentoshan proves just how versatile its whiskies really are

Auchentoshan is back with another “Bar Takeover” event to showcase just what you could do with its selection of quality Scotch whiskies. Once again featuring brand ambassador and mixologist Jamey Merkel, the event was held in BUNK Lobby Lounge at Pullman Jakarta Central Park on May 17.

The spirited event started off rather informal, but things became livelier as the night went on. Of course, the highlight was when Merkel took over the bar to show us his unique lineup of Auchentoshan cocktails.

The first one on the menu is the Slightly Old Fashion that tastes, well, slightly old fashioned. Using only sugar and bitters to complement the Auchentoshan Three Wood, the Slightly Old Fashioned still preserves the classical sense of an Auchentoshan whisky: smooth and resolute. The only difference is that “Slightly Old Fashioned” is a bit sweeter.

Then there’s “Jammin’ With The Marmy,” where ginger-cinnamon syrup and marmalade orange were infused with the Auchentoshan 12 Years Old, adding a burst of citrus to the firmness of the whisky. It’s essentially the type of drink that invites you to dance all night long.

After that comes the slightly more exotic “What The Kueh,” which is undoubtedly inspired by the heritage of Indonesian cuisine. There’s pandan, coconut water, Melaka syrup and passion fruit mixed with the Auchentoshan Three Wood, creating a very fragrant and aromatic scent—a scent that will remind you of your sweet childhood days back home, where the smell of pandan permeates the air.

But the highlight of the night was undoubtedly “Ye Olde Soda Sour,” where vanilla ice cream (yes, ice cream) is used to top off the Auchentoshan 12 Years Old. Along with a burst of citrus, sugar and soda water, Ye Olde Soda Sour resembles a root beer float; except instead of root beer, its whiskey. There’s a way to drink it as well. First, you dip the vanilla ice cream into the drink and mix it well. Wait a few seconds for the concoction to get thicker then drink up.

The first sip is definitely a surprise because of the soda. But then you get to taste the softness of the Vanilla submerged with the firmness of Auchentoshan whisky and you will begin to appreciate how the two complement one another. You can feel how the sweetness of the vanilla gets heavier and deeper due to the whisky, giving the drink a much more stern and solid taste. True, out of the four, “Ye Olde Soda Sour” is—undoubtedly—the lightest. But it just further proves the versatility of the Auchentoshan whisky.