Art Jakarta 2019 Marks its 11th Anniversary!

For three consecutive days, Art Jakarta opened to public at JCC Senayan, celebrating its 11th anniversary. It’s the biggest art fair of the year which only ran from August 30 – September 1, 2019.

It’s been more than a decade since the first Art Jakarta, the city’s ultimate art event that connects art collectors, artists, and enthusiasts. As it enters a new decade, Art Jakarta focuses on establishing Jakarta as one of Asia’s center for contemporary art. It also aims to strengthen Indonesia’s position as a leader for the development of contemporary art in Asia.

Art Jakarta presented exclusive artworks from 10 artists in two main sections: Art Jakarta Spot and Art Jakarta X. The selected pieces were located in seven different areas of JCC Senayan. “Art Jakarta Spot and Art Jakarta X is our effort to showcase curated artworks from selected artists to the art lovers who visit Art Jakarta. It collaborates with various partners and collectors to showcase their prized artworks in special presentations,” said Enin Supriyanto, artistic director of Art Jakarta.

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At Art Jakarta 2019, DA MAN, Prestige, and DestinAsian Indonesia partnered up with Bartega Studio, Hotel Mulia Jakarta, and Holiday Inn Suites & Hotel to present interesting activities during the three-day event. Hotel Mulia Senayan also contributed a special prize for our readers when they joined our five-minute survey at the spot.

Meanwhile, Bartega Studio artists created special art mementos for DestinAsianMedia Group’s readers and visitors in a form of art sketches! It gained a lot of attention from the crowd as the event was getting more merrier in the afternoon.


Check out DA MAN’s friends who visited Art Jakarta this year at the opening night and on the weekend:

Nicholas Saputra


Oka Antara
Robert Harianto and Naufal Abshar
Aurelie Moeramans
Titi Rajo Bintang
Dion Wiyoko
Erick Iskandar
Mentari De Marelle
Tara Basro