Art: Hehe, Bujangan Urban and Tromarama Introduce Their Own Respective Takes

LOCAL NATIVES. As the local art industry goes from strength to strength, a new crop of artists arrive to introduce their own respective takes

The Indonesian art scene is a little jazzed up these days, as newcomers continue to arrive, filling gaps in a number of areas. Some find a home in street art, while others creep into the air-conditioned concaves of luxury malls to channel their talent. It is fitting because Jakarta is a city in which different worlds blend in harmony. Among the many talents in the capital, here are three artists to watch.


Art 2

Hehe’s drawing on a Louis Vuitton Boîte Flacons trunk

Yogyakarta native Hendra Harsono keeps his carefree childhood alive through his artwork. He kick-started his career with a solo exhibition at Via-Via café, Yogyakarta, in 2007. What followed was a busy period for Harsono with artistic exhibitions in a bevy of galleries in Jakarta and Semarang. His colorful and surreal paintings have also graced art spaces in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Australia. HeHe, as he’s called by friends and family, recently finished a commission for Louis Vuitton’s Coffret 8 Montres and Boite Flacons trunks. To him, art remains a fun way to express his hope of a better life and future.

Bujangan Urban

Art 1

Bujangan Urban verses his opinions through graffiti

Art 4

Bujangan Urban’s graffiti on the street of Jakarta

Risky Aditya Nugroho, better known as Bujangan Urban, found his artistic place in graffiti. It began when he joined Artcoholic in 2003 before then becoming a full-time part of the Jakarta street art team. His works make appearances in numerous public places, mostly depicting his personal point of view about Jakarta’s energetic and unforgiving qualities. He has also showcased his works through Jakarta Biennale, a biannual contemporary art exhibition. Sometimes though, he leaves the street to bring his graffiti into the galleries, showcasing it in more formal exhibitions like the one he did for the National Gallery’s residency program last year.


Art 3

A still from Tromarama’s project, “Jalang”

In contrast to the aforementioned solo artists, the three friends of Tromarama work collectively to create masterpieces. Febie Babyrose, Ruddy Hatumena and Herbert Hans met during their college years in Bandung and first collaborated for a music video production titled “Serigala Militia” for rock band Seringai back in 2006. Their latest project, “Private Riots,” combines over 400 paintings depicting the human desire to expand and achieve new goals, which was displayed at Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta.