Art and tech meet at the OPPO Gallery

Dedicated to inspiring people, OPPO Indonesia unveils its state-of-the-art venue at the OPPO Gallery in Plaza Indonesia

The IOT Wall that visualizes the beauty of coral reefs

OPPO Indonesia has recently unveiled the first OPPO Gallery in Indonesia at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. With “Find the Future” as the tagline of the venue, OPPO created the first showroom that prioritizes technology exploration over transactional and after-sales services.

“We are very proud to present the first OPPO Gallery in Indonesia, which is more than just a showroom, because it has the quality of an art gallery,” explains Patrick Owen, Chief Creative Officer of OPPO Indonesia. “With the ‘Naturally Inspiring’ concept that we applied at OPPO Gallery, we invite visitors to imagine a world through OPPO’s digital technology that blends harmoniously with the natural ecosystem.”

3D art installations of the Raja Ampat islands

From the retail to the display area, everything has been meticulously and charmingly designed. OPPO showcases futuristic products, innovations, interactive tech-powered art installations and collaborations with leading artists at the gallery. These collaborations are showcased in four separate areas: Find The Future, Expose Area, IOT Wall and OPPO Garden, allowing visitors to experience a distinctive feel for every one of them.
Case in point: For the “Find the Future” installation, the brand collaborated with Indonesian contemporary artist Isha Hening to explore the interactive and entertaining possibilities triggered OPPO smartphones and projected to a staggering 13.5-meters outdoor LED display.

Furthermore, in this venue, visitors will be able to interact with nature through the interactive walls. For example, in “Oh Deer,” visitors can shake a phone to wake the virtual deer. In “Dandelion,” visitors have to tilt the phone to control wind direction and in “On the Sky,” they rotate the phone and draw on the screen.

The OPPO Garden

The gallery also features an OPPO Garden, which presents a contemporary garden atmosphere where you can watch a recording of Nicholas Saputra reciting Aan Mansyur’s poem “There’s No New York Today.” It also showcases 3D art installations featuring the natural beauty of the Raja Ampat Islands and an IOT Wall that visualizes the beauty of coral reefs as a representation of the underwater world.

All in all, as a new concept store to experience, to interact and to be inspired, it’s safe to say that OPPO Gallery is so much more than just a showroom. It is a state-of-the-art venue, which is dedicated to inspire people in new and unique ways. OPPO Gallery is located on the second floor of Plaza Indonesia.

Another version of the IOT Wall