An evening with Tudor #BornToDare campaign ambassador David Beckham

WHO DARES WINS. DAMAN joins soccer legend David Beckham in a celebration of his new campaign for Tudor and his ingrain #BornToDare spirit

On November 15, 2018, CÉ LA VI Restaurant and Skybar  at Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel became the venue for one of the most exciting events for watch connoisseurs around the region. The guest of honor was none other than David Beckham, soccer legend and Tudor‘s #BornToDare campaign ambassador, who was there to celebrate his latest campaign for the Swiss watch brand and share his unique insight into its daring spirit.

Over 200 guests, including VVIPs and media representatives from seven different countries in the region were in attendance.

Naturally, Beckham arrived wearing a Tudor Black Bay Bronze watch on his wrist, the same one featured in official campaign shots taken by renowned fashion photographer David Sims.

Catch our upcoming DAMAN December ’18/January ’19 for a special interview with David Beckham where we chat about his passion for the brand and how he truly embodies the #BornToDare spirit.