Amanjiwo to Host Buddhist Spiritual Master in May

SOULFUL RETREAT. Going a step beyond the typical holiday destination, Amanjiwo (Ds. Majaksingi, Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java; +62 293 788 333; is calling spiritual vacationers to take a soul-replenishing retreat in May 2016


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The idyllic resort will once again host the 9th Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche from Bhutan for two weeks.

Recognized as the reincarnation of one of the 25 disciples of Guru Rinpoche—also known as Padmasambhava—the Rinpoche will offer morning meditation sessions, Buddhist teachings, life coaching, yoga, temple visits and meditation, as well as private sessions during his two-week stay at Amanjiwo.

This could just be your most awaited chance for a week full of soulful “eat, pray, love.”


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