Alexander Dreymon Talks “The Last Kingdom” and His Music Career

THE KING OF COOL. The lead star of historical drama “The Last Kingdom” shares some insight into his latest work along with bits and pieces from his own history with DA MAN


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Period TV shows can be a mixed bag. Some say the genre is oversaturated, others feel they’re relics of pre-reality TV. But with the right material, the right production team and the right lead, it can work. Alexander Dreymon definitely fits that last bit. His acting career is just now ramping up, but, for sure, he has the talent and the charm to make it big in the biz. Of course, it also helps that he has quite a sharp wit and an incredible sense of humor. So, it does look like we’re witnessing a part of Hollywood history being written through the tales of a kingdom long forgotten, by an actor that will long be remembered.


DA MAN: Hi, Alexander. We’re looking forward to your appearance in “The Last Kingdom.” Can you give us a short outline of the show?
Alexander Dreymon:
The Last Kingdom is set in the 9th century when what we now know as “England” was made up of many separate kingdoms, not fit to withstand the Viking invasions. King Alfred, later known as King Alfred the Great—said to be the creator of England—has a revolutionary vision of unifying all the Kingdoms to vanquish the Danes, and it gives birth to a new nation, England. The story depicts historical figures, battles and treaties but is told through the eyes of a fictional character, Uhtred, who is on a quest to reconquer his rightful birthright: the northern lands of Bebbanburg.


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“I’ve grown with every deception as well as success. no regrets over the path I’ve chosen”


DA MAN: How did you end up being picked as the lead of the show?
Alexander Dreymon:
A rather long audition process from May to September last year: many self-tapes (that sounds like homemade porn [laughs], but it’s when casting is located in a different country and you send them a video of your audition) and finally two screen tests.

DA MAN: If we’re not mistaken, your character, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, is also known as “Uhtred the Wicked,” at least in the novels the show is based on. Do you feel that “wicked” accurately describes your character?
Alexander Dreymon:
He has different names as the story goes on. He’s honest, trustworthy and loyal, but he can also be a real asshole. So, “wicked” is definitely accurate at times.


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