Advertorial: Nautica

YOUR COOL WEATHER WARDROBE. As the rainy season begins, the right sweater and outerwear pieces can bring out your style and keep you warm day and night



A formal look comprising a fisherman sweater over shirt and tie


A transitional lightweight hooded bomber jacket worn over a warm shawl cardigan

The main rule of thumb for men’s fashion is, and has always been, that less is more. Simple layering and uncluttered patterns help bring out one’s personality, and rarely can you go wrong following these two basic principles. What with the coming of the rainy season in Southeast Asia—and fall for regions with a temperate climate—it also makes sense that you should stock up on outfits suitable for bleak weather.

On that note, one familiar brand that can be your go-to option would be Nautica. Founded back in 1983 with a reliable approach to casual outdoor styling, the American label has rolled out classic men’s pieces with modern touches for this year’s fall/winter season. Every item is designed to be timeless and suitable even for the summers of years to come, or worn in layers with other essentials. Moreover, careful selection of fine fabrics ensures that comfort and style are equally prioritized.


Season’s Must-Haves

1. Sweatshirts in neutral colors, like gray, white or dark blue, are fitting for a boys’ night out or worn over a long-sleeved shirt to the office. Even if you’re traveling to a temperate destination, a sweatshirt can be a piece worn under a bomber jacket or a peacoat.

2. Sweaters, which come in many variants, are in. For windy days, a light sweater with a shawl collar would be the perfect choice. This garment would cover up your neck and at the same time add an extra touch of panache to your easygoing style. If you’re working in a cold air-conditioned room, the fisherman sweater—one with prominent chunky cable-knit patterns—would be practical and trendy to boot.

3. Trousers in navy, khaki or grey are absolute necessities. Cotton twill pants or relaxed-cut jeans are two options that stand out, particularly when paired to sweatshirts or sweaters. You can complete the look by wearing a brown or black leather belt and dark-colored shoes. Remember, less is more, especially when it comes to bright, bold colors at this time of the year.