Adidas Reveals the New NMD Accessories Collection

IF THE SHOE FITS. Kick your rugged look up a notch with these NMD-inspired accessories from Adidas


The flack jacket-like vest features large pockets in the front and back


If you are looking to up your look the next time you hit the streets, you may want to checkout the latest cool accessories from Adidas that go really well with NMD shoes. In fact, these NMD-inspired accessories of a backpack, duffle bag, cap, clip pouch and a flak jacket-like vest come in a rugged black tone with a worn-out appeal, exuding that “Brooklyn,” hipper-than-thou vibe. The trefoil logo embedded on the products adds an air of mystery to the collection.


The duffle bag features a secret compartment that can securely fit a 17-inch laptop.


With more than just looks going for it, the collection is highly functional, too. The NMD vest sports adjustable webbed straps and two large zip pockets in the front, an additional pocket on the back, as well as a small pocket above the right chest. The sturdy NMD clip pouch, meanwhile, is great to keep your valuables safe at all times. The backpack and duffel bag, both with strategically-located zippered pockets, are practical to haul around everything you need in one go, including your most precious NMD pair.


The backpack is built from a durable rubberized material, protecting the contents of the bag from the elements.



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