Actor Randy Martin Welcomes the Year of the Tiger With Style and Optimism

Randy Martin has no doubts that in this Year of the Tiger, things will look up for all of us. In this special collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger, the young actor showcases his stylish side and shares the story behind his optimistic outlook.

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At an age where many of us still wondering where life would be taking us, young Randy Martin knew for sure that he wanted to be an actor. And confidently so, we might add. One of the biggest traits that anyone could—or should— have, confidence is what led this young actor along his current path. With at least 30 soap operas and eight films to his name, it’s perhaps no surprise that Martin never took any significant time o from doing what he loves most: acting. He is, to put it mildly, fully dedicated to his passion and craft. And for his first appearance in DA MAN, Martin was tapped by Onitsuka Tiger for a special photo shoot to coincide with the year of the tiger.

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DAMAN: Hi Randy, awesome to have you here with us. How are you doing these day?
Randy Martin: I’m good, I’m fine, I’m feeling great! It’s good to be here and I’m very happy to do a shoot with DA MAN.

DAMAN: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
Randy Martin: I’m a fulltime actor, a part-time singer, a part-time host and I’m also a part-time student. I’m studying entrepreneurship at the moment.

DAMAN: For someone who is still so young, you’ve actually been in the industry for quite some time now. What is it about the film business that you love so much?
Randy Martin: It’s been my whole life. I’ve been in the entertainment industry since I was just five years old. Kids don’t lie and as a kid, I don’t feel burdened by the work. Instead, I had fun and I enjoyed being around people. I feel like I was born to become an actor.

DAMAN: What was your first memory of being on set?
Randy Martin: It was a TV commercial for a biscuit and actually my first time in Jakarta, too. I actually moved here from Surabaya. I was the youngest one on set; everybody else were either teenagers or adults, and I felt a little weird about it. But strangely, I didn’t feel awkward at all. I was con dent and happily stealing attention. And that become my starting point, until today…

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DAMAN: Where did this passion for performing come from?
Randy Martin: My parents. They saw my confidence and guided me through it. I was a bit nervous at first, but then I tried to do fashion shows and my confidence started to grow more and more. Then I got the call for the TV commercial, went to Jakarta and from there I found my passion. I kept on learning and honing my skills.

DAMAN: You always seem like an approachable and happy-go-lucky kind of guy. How do you keep positive all the time?
Randy Martin: Always smile and think positive. Don’t be too hard on people and make bad assumptions about them. Sometimes people might hurt us, but we don’t know their stories. We’ll never know what they’ve been through. So, instead of focusing on the negatives, focus on the positives. I read a book and it changed my mindset. We reflect the world outside of us. When the outside world is negative, it is reflected onto ourselves. Why don’t we change the way things are by reflecting our positive side to the world with our good intentions? I’ve been doing that all the time and it feels really good.

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DAMAN: Tell us about your current and upcoming projects…
Randy Martin: I’m still working on the “Putri Untuk Pangeran” series, which is still showing every day. I have several movies coming up, but I can’t share any details about them yet. So, stay tuned.

DAMAN: How do you prepare for the roles you play?
Randy Martin: One thing for sure, I always read the scenes until the end. I review the script and I even memorize scenes up to five episodes at once. I exercise in front of a mirror. I read, observe and practice every day until I’m comfortable with the role. And with every new role that I play, I let go of the old roles and try to be reborn into my new character. That’s one thing I love about acting: How I am challenged to constantly become someone else in every new project.

DAMAN: As we enter the third year of the pandemic, how do you cope with the working conditions?
Randy Martin: The hardest part was adjusting and being adaptive. We used to work without masks on or doing swab tests, and then suddenly everything changed. I’ll never forget being afraid that I would bring the virus back to my home and my family because I have to be out working. But eventually we had to adapt to the way things were and life goes on. I am very grateful that I’m still feeling blessed.

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DAMAN: How do you maintain your physique? Do you have any special workout routines?
Randy Martin: I try to work out wherever I am. Sometimes, when I can’t bring my gear, I’ll try to do body weight training. For instance, three sets of push-ups, a few reps, or when there’s a pole available, I can do pull-ups. If not, I run around the area. I try to find the time to exercise as much as possible.

DAMAN: Back in 2018, you were appointed as the Anti-Smoking Ambassador by the Ministry of Health. How do you feel about the relevance of that campaign today?
Randy Martin: I was appointed as an Anti-Smoking Ambassador by the Ministry of Health and AstraZeneca. I was grateful to be part of it and, obviously, I don’t smoke. I absolutely support that campaign. Our focus was not about smokers, but how smoking can affect children, pregnant women and others—basically passive smokers. Is it still relevant? We evaluate
it each year, and upgrade our systems and programs. Due to the pandemic, we do virtual events and campaigns, and spread agents of change. They’re still young; some of them are still in primary school, but were appointed as anti-smoking ambassadors in their schools.

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DAMAN: Do you have someone that you really look up to in the film world? A role model, if you will…
Randy Martin: Internationally, I look up to Andrew Garfield and Joaquin Phoenix. In Indonesia, Reza Rahadian, because he is amazing and his acting is very honest and he motivates me to be more honest in my acting too. Because that’s the main key in acting: How we be the person you play instead of simply pretending to be him.

DAMAN: What are some of the most important the lessons that you’ve gathered from being an actor?
Randy Martin: Experiencing life. I’m grateful that, as an actor, I can experience many things that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. I can try out new things, imagine myself in someone else’s shoes. And not just experiencing but also absorbing. Actors are fulltime absorbers. We listen, pay attention and sometimes we can gather references by watching other people and thereby shape our act.

DAMAN: We’re now entering the Year of the Tiger and, as it happens, you’re also born under this sign. What does this mean to you?
Randy Martin: Yes, I’m a tiger. I wish for a good year—an extraordinary year— full of blessings and love, prosperity and everything’s that good in life. I hope many good things will come for all of us.

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DAMAN: What are your hopes for this year and what have you learned from the past year?
Randy Martin: I always say that in 2021 we learn and in 2022 we apply. So, I hope that the things we experienced in 2021 will make us stronger, more adaptive and open to the idea that while things like the pandemic can disrupt our dreams, in 2022 things will get better. We’ll get through the pandemic and step forward.

DAMAN: They say that those born in the Year of the Tiger can be con dent but stubborn, charming but unpredictable. Do you think you identify with any of these contrasting qualities?
Randy Martin: Perhaps being unpredictable—I feel that’s really me. I like to be spontaneous, do challenging and exciting things. Sometimes I’m like that to the people I care about, and they’ll think that I’m mysterious and unpredictable. As for stubborn, I’d say that describes half of me—and that’s more a matter of principle. I like to stick to my principles, but I’m open to the opinion of others.

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DAMAN: In just about any culture that has them, tigers are seen as a symbol of strength. Do you think that in this year of the tiger the world can become strong again and overcome this crisis? What do you think will it take for us to achieve this?
Randy Martin: Yes! My faith is telling me that 2022 will be the turning point for all of us. My wishes are for prosperity, wealth, health and every good thing for all of us, because the pandemic has hit us way too hard and there have also been natural disasters. And yes, we can overcome this with the help of ourselves, our community and the government. Everyone, from the top to the bottom, working together to get through this.

DAMAN: What’s your opinion on clothes and accessories with tiger images or tiger stripe patterns? What would it take for you to wear outfits with those motifs?
Randy Martin: It’s very brave. Onitsuka Tiger has really stood out with its tiger pattern which makes it special. It’s the brand’s signature.

DAMAN: What direction do you hope will the industry head towards in the next few years?
Randy Martin: Things will get digitalized. Industry 4.0 is going to happen and I hope things will get better, the pandemic will be over and every industry can rise and adapt to this digital future. And I hope in this Year of the Tiger things will get better for all of us.

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