Acqua di Parma, The New Fountain of Youth

AN AQUEOUS SOLUTION. There is no need to seek out the fountain of youth to fight off aging wrinkles brought on by free radicals, as Acqua di Parma offers a better solution

UV rays, pollution in the air and stress are just some of the factors that can trigger an increase in free radicals in our body. These, in turn, are the main cause of skin aging. Unfortunately, you can’t really avoid those aforementioned factors. Fortunately, this is where the new Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Italian Resort comes to the rescue. This new age-defying line comes with a formula called the Mediterranean Re-Activating Complex, which is claimed to be a better antioxidant than even vitamin C and E. On a more technical note, the complex works by restoring cellular metabolism, allowing your skin cells to continue producing energy more efficiently. The new line consists of four new face care products and three new body care items. Acqua di Parma is available at Glow Living Beauty.