Accupunto: Healthy and Modern Furniture

Combining acupuncture and modern design, Accupunto offers comfortable sofas and furniture that helps maintain your good health.

This homegrown Indonesian furniture brand, oddly enough, has been more popular in Europe and North America. Accupunto was founded in 1999, and its first store opened in Jakarta in 2009.The designers behind Accupunto are Leonard Theosabrata, Yos S. Theosabrata and Michael Young. They produce unique pieces that exude simplicity, ideal for contemporary living spaces.

The Ergonic collection from Accupunto combines comfort with the health benefits associated with acupuncture. It takes the idea behind the ancient method of acupuncture and transforms it into living furniture.

The pieces come with stainless-steel frames covered with plastic knobs supported by a mesh of elastic that conforms to your body for a pleasant, stimulating feeling that is said to improve posture and increase blood flow.