A tribute to fathers from John Hardy

FOR DAD’S DAY. John Hardy celebrates four of the most prominent father figures

A Classic Chain piece being crafted

While father’s day falls on different dates in different regions, it is also celebrated globally on the third Sunday of June. For this year’s (global) father’s day, noted jeweler John Hardy presents four scintillating selections in honor of four of the most famous traditional father archetypes:

The Fortifier
For dads who are always cool under fire, John Hardy turns to the Naga from the Legends collection. Hand-forged and imbued with the image of legendary dragons, the Naga symbolizes the basic, elemental forces of nature. Their concentric design radiates outward in a protective gesture, much like those fathers who are our Fortifiers.

Naga bracelets

The Doer
Some fathers work not only harder, but smarter; and they don’t just do, but do well. For these fathers the Modern Chain would be a perfect choice. Only four master artisans have the skills and knowledge to weave these contemporary pieces. And, of course, they do it incredibly well.

Modern chain pieces

The Enthusiast
Then there are the fathers who are tireless, boundless in the way they guide and instruct us. For these figures and their immense energy, John Hardy presents the Classic Chain. Symbolizing tangible love for family and humankind, these pieces exude the same inspired energy that drive the Enthusiasts.

Classic Chain pieces with various pendants

The Seeker
Finally, we have the fathers for whom the journey is the destination, and for these adventurers there is nothing quite like the Leather & Beaded pieces. Handcrafted and responsibly-sourced, they represent the raw materials from all the corners of the world and contains, each within itself, countless journeys waiting to be taken.

Various Leather & Beaded pieces