A Special tribute to Buzz Aldrin by Omega

TO THE MOON AND BACK. Omega’s latest Speedmaster with Moonphase, feature’s a highly realistic image of the moon that has a tiny secret only visible to those with a keen eye


The Omega Speedmaster Moonphase, a tribute to the first watch on the moon worn by astronaut Buzz Alderin


Many know that the first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong, who was followed by Buzz Aldrin 15 minutes later. And the watch strapped to the wrist of the second moonwalker was none other than an Omega Speedmaster, which had been specially commissioned by NASA as the first timepiece to make it to the lunar surface. The history of how NASA came to trust the formidable Swiss watch company to provide its astronauts with its watches is also an interesting one.

The Speedmaster was originally designed by Omega to cater to automotive enthusiasts and speed freaks. But after a special request from NASA, it gained prominence as the “Moon Watch.” Yet even before it officially snagged that moniker, it had to undergo a barrage of special testing from the space agency meant to assess the watch’s ability to withstand interstellar travel. Of course, the Speedmaster passed with flying colors. Then in 1965, Omega’s Speedmaster became the chosen timepiece for all of NASA’s Astronauts, up to this very day.


The realistic image of the moon features a miniature footprint of Buzz Alderin.


Unlike previous watches that feature a moonphase complication, this timepiece showcases an ultra-realistic representation of the moon, with a little surprise. Those with an eye for detail will see a tiny reproduction of Buzz Aldrin’s footprint on the moon. The location of the footprint itself is an homage to where the Eagle Lander first touched down on the moon.

As the name suggests, the display at the bottom of the dial indicates the many phases of the moon, which is, in actual fact, not an easy task for any watch. Thanks to the revolutionary new 9904 movement that is made up of 368 components, this co-axial self-winding mechanics assures the five-year adjustment needed for typical moonphase watches is able to be extended to 10 years.

The Speedmaster Moonphase has many other striking features: a stunning sun-brushed blue dial, ceramic bezel and stainless steel case. Liquidmetal® has been used on the tachymeter scale, which is another first for Speedmaster, and a closer look reveals rhodium-plated circles on the sub-dials. To complement the stunning blue dial of the watch, it is finished off with a blue leather strap which is clasped with a fold over buckle. Well, you don’t have to go to the moon to feel what Buzz Aldrin felt with this one.


The Master Co-Axial 9904 movement is the heart of this Omega Speedmaster


The timepiece extends the dark blue tone of the dial to the leather strap