A Shortlist of Gucci and New York Yankees Collection

On the last days of 2018, Gucci launched the latest piece in their collaboration with MLB legends, the New York Yankees – which is a jewel studded beanie.

This follows nearly six months long of one of the most stylish partnership between the two icons, a collab that has produced many interesting collections. We try to list their best pieces here for you.

July 2018

At the beginning, it was clear that Gucci was trying to perfect what was already a New York staple: the NY baseball cap. Add an embroidered butterfly, and you get this exceptional piece. They come in various colors, too – with blue, pink and maroon topping the selection.

August 2018

A special drop was made during this period, when they launched an exquisitely lavish slippers that bears strong signatures of both trademarks.

September 2018

The collaboration then grew larger when the Italian fashion house dropped the collection they previously presented earlier in March. Sporty jackets, vintage blazers and preppy cardigans, comes together with really rad looking backpacks.

October 2018

And lastly, how do you combine two fashion icons who has their respective signature monograms? Well, you put them together in one item – and make them totally irresistible.