A New Hue for John Varvatos’s Fragrances

BLACK TO BLU. John Varvatos takes its Artisan fragrance series out of the dark and into the blue—quite literally, that is

John Varvatos

John Varvatos‘ fragrance now comes in a vivid blue flacon, the Artisan Blu is perhaps its most daring attempt to cater to a younger cult of followers, those who enjoy draping themselves in fruity-citrusy scents, backed with woody and patchouli propositions. It is less structured with a compelling nose character, yet quite evocative owing to its mix of minty spices. Produced in a well-designed flacon like others in the collection, the 125ml eau de toilette fits those who are in the habit of spritzing on more than most. And, we dare say, there’s simply nothing wrong with that.