A Look into Louis Vuitton Staples and Fall/Winter 2019 Pre-Collection in Bangkok

Menswear RedefinedDAMAN Executive Editor Paul Dela Merced Reports from Bangkok

Years ago, it used to be that pre-collection, an ‘in between’ collection that leads up to the main collections, is a mere afterthought. But not anymore. Such is the case with Virgil Abloh’s Fall/Winter 2019 Pre-Collection. The result is a capsule collection sufficient to overhaul a modern man’s wardrobe.

Louis Vuitton Men’s Collection by Virgil Abloh–Fall/Winter 2019 Pre-Collection
A first of its kind for the heritage brand, Louis Vuitton men’s artistic director Virgil Abloh challenges the notion of trendless, timeless, and effortless garments and accessories. For the fall/Winter 2019 Pre-collection, the designer presented a futuristic leitmotif of boyhood. He debuted a three-dimensional extrusion technique across outerwear, tailoring, and harnessing. Accessomorphosis, a portmanteau for morphing garments with bags, as well as compressomorphosis, a term for garments accessorized with wrapper bags into which they can be entirely compressed for travel purposes are seen throughout the collection.

Staples Edition by Louis Vuitton
Virgil Abloh defines the word STAPLE in two ways: one, a basic fashion necessity, and two (a literal definition), a twisted piece of metal that holds two elements together. The Fall Winter 2019 men’s Pre-collection marks the launch of the all-new Staples Edition by Louis Vuitton.

It is a modern, standalone collection of essential garments and accessories elevated through the luxury lens of Louis Vuitton. Basic textiles are perfected, and the materials and branding are well thought-out. A metal staple native to office supplies, which now bears the Louis Vuitton logo, is pinned into the materials. A leather label attached to a carabineer, with a visual manual on how to fold the garment, serves as a tag. A closer look would reveal the brands signature savoir-faire: contemporary cuts, artsy techniques, and superior cottons, leather, cashmere, and denim.

And in keeping with the idea of basics, colors are kept neutral and masculine. It ranges from off-white and taupe to grey, blues, and black. A must-have for the modern man!