A Higher Calling

Scottish distillery The Macallan embraces the spirit of being bold and decisive as it challenges whisky enthusiasts all across the globe to make the call.

What is it that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary? The normal and the phenomenal? More often than not, those who aspire to greatness—and then reach it—are those who are unafraid to make bold decisions and take on whatever adversities might come with it. In short, those who, when big decisions are thrust upon them, square up and make the call.

This is an attitude that The Macallan is intimately familiar with. Since its founding way back in 1824, the Scottish distillery has faced many challenges and found itself having to make tough decisions. More importantly, the storied brand has never hesitated when success is within its reach and all it takes is one bold decision.

An interesting example of this attitude would be how The Macallan took the decisive step to use only hand-picked oak casks of the finest quality, including Oloroso sherry casks, in order to maintain the depth of color and flavor of its whiskies as they were aged. The rarity of such casks presented quite a challenge for the distillery. But in the end, it was well worth the extra effort and this bold decision cemented The Macallan’s reputation as the foremost single-malt scotch brand.

All in all, the idea of yearning to achieve great things and making a bold decision that leads to a more fulfilling life resonates strongly with The Macallan and sits at the core of its innovative spirit. Beyond the brand’s commitment to use exceptional oak casks this drive is also present in the new The Macallan Distillery in Speyside, Scotland—an innovative architectural masterpiece lauded for its unique and daring design.

And let’s face it: In the world of single malt whiskies, nothing really comes close to a scotch from the storied brand. Whether it’s the vibrant flavors of The Macallan Edition No.4 or, let’s say, The Macallan Reflexion with its breathtaking depth of color, the creations of this storied Scottish distillery never fails to impress.

So, today, The Macallan calls upon all of us to do our own bids to impress; to stop being afraid of getting it wrong and avoiding decisions altogether. In other words, be bold and go for it. Make the call. And, of course, The Macallan has, within its select range of single-malts, plenty of bold choices for discerning connoisseurs and new whisky enthusiasts alike to toast their success and keep looking ahead.