A Guide On How To Survive The Rainy Weather

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Ruining a perfectly good day can be as simple as a drizzle of rain. Rainy days definitely require a stronger set of outfit to keep you going on the day to day basis. Instead of letting your leather shoes all soaked up and your cashmere sweater all worn out, peek into our tips on how to survive the wet days when the rain is in the forecast.

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Let’s start with the most important one: an umbrella. Get one in a basic neutral color like black so it is easier for you to match it with your outfit. The less expensive ones are usually given away free after a grand purchase, but it would not be a dull decision to invest in a more decent one as it will last longer.

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As obvious as it is, we can’t force casual jackets into the rainy season. Most casual jackets are made of materials that are not weatherproof, and in this situation we are facing light showers coming from all directions. Casual jackets that come in performance fabrics would make a great choice for this weather, but to make it easier instead, opt for a light rain jacket that has the capability to protect your button-down or your cotton shirt underneath. A hooded one would be great too, as it gives a super casual feel and obviously, covers you more.

Cropped business pants

Getting the bottom tailoring of your pants all soaked up after some errand runs is a no-no. A pair of cropped business pant would be perfect for this weather as the bottom does not sweep the puddles as you walk, and most of the time it goes well with a lot of outfits. Invest in a flattering one with a semi-weatherproof material; still comfortable, but less soaks.

Rubber soles on formal shoes

To provide your business attire need on the rainy season, opt for a pair of dress shoes with weather-friendly soles. Rubber soles prevent you from slipping in the puddles and a much better grip. Besides, isn’t it heartbreaking to watch your Italian leather shoes soaking up the water?

Weather-friendly rucksacks

For an easier day-to-day luggage, get a weather-friendly rucksack. Why rucksacks? Firstly, they fit a lot; you practically can put everything in it. It’s perfect for the rainy weather when a raincoat is always needed everywhere you go or sometimes even just as simple as a spare change of shirt. Second, rucksacks come in more choices of materials since it was originally made for outdoor use. Get one that comes with a waterproof, windproof material so it can survive the light showers, the drizzles, and even the heavy rain.