A Comprehensive Fall/Winter Collection from Loewe

ATTENTION TO DETAIL – It’s all about expert craftsmanship for Loewe this fall/winter. While the colors are generally muted, with umber and moss tones being dominant, the details are the exact opposite.

Classical outerwear, for example, took the form of exceptionally wonderful shearling coats, patched together with Melton wool checks or fully exposed with seams. Jeans, meanwhile, are loose and intensely cuffed and footwear is playfully shaped with curly toes, either low or hightop. Overall, the collection has a rustic, yet still very elegant, feel to it.

See the quilted leather bomber jacket or the house’s famed puzzle bag or Goya backpack? They’re playful, yet sophisticated, especially when paired with Loewe’s new range of leather key rings. For this season, the latter has been made available in a wide variety of shapes, from squirrels to owls, rugby balls to lady bugs.