A $31 Million USD Patek Philippe Becomes The Most Expensive Watch Ever

During a Christie’s-held charity auction event to benefit research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy in Geneva, a steel Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010 was sold at a staggering $31 million USD—becoming the most expensive watch ever auctioned. The previous record holder was a Rolex Daytona once owned by Paul Newman which was sold at $17.7 million USD at the time.

Created specifically for the event and the only piece that’s crafted with stainless steel, it comes with 20 complications and carries a grande and petite sonnerie, a minute repeater, a 24-hour and minute subdial, an instantaneous perpetual calendar alongside a four-digit year display, to even a second time zone. It also features a salmon dial that can be flipped over and reversed to reveal another dial in black.