8 Top Tips To Staying Fit from Hot Male Models

A curated list of proven ways to stay fit and lead a healthy life from some of the hottest male models to ever grace the pages of DAMAN

When it comes to staying fit and in shape, male models are arguably among the finest specimens that we could learn a thing or two from. What do they do to make them look so fit and groomed? We’ve rounded up top tips from real male models that will make a real difference in your fitness journey.

Find an exercise you enjoy

Working out gets easier and more fun if you’re doing something you actually enjoy. Model Danny Beauchamp, for example, enjoys boxing. “​​Basically, I go to the gym two or three times a week, and do boxing once a week. That’s about it. I go boxing once a week with a mate of mine, which is a great workout and I’m very passionate about that sport.”

A good trainer goes a long way

According to model and fitness trainer Eian Scully, the first step is to find a good trainer who is right for you and your goals. “Once you do that you must be open minded, dedicated and patient with the process and the outlined game plan,” he says. “I think people tend to go on very strict diets that they cannot maintain. It’s about being consistent and enjoying your life at the same time. On the working out side, people just find programs on the Internet that aren’t right for them or use poor form in their exercises. If you really want to fast track your progress, I would suggest you learn from someone that has a lot of experience and has built a body you would like to have.”

Running is always a good option

Outfit by Pal Zileri, necklace by Linder

For Argentinian model Mariano Ontañon, staying in shape means running. In his case, however, running means 40 miles a week on average, ultramarathons and even a nonstop 100 mile run.

Staying fit is a lifestyle

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Abs aren’t built in a day. According to international model Charlie Matthews, the secret to maintaining a great physique is having a proper nutrition and workout routine. “I’ve been working out my entire life and it’s a lifestyle for me,” he says.

Mix it up

“If you want to stay in shape, there are three ways you could do it. You can do High Interval Training (HIT), treadmill, or if you don’t like it and get bored, you can always do jump roping, which I found in fight training. So, you jump rope for a minute, then do push-ups, sit-ups—a full body workout. And something else I do: I love rock climbing, it’s fun whether it’s indoor or outdoor,” says international model Nic Thompsons.

Mind your diet

For many models, what happens in the kitchen is just as important, if not more, than what’s done at the gym. Model Matthew Evangelisti says: “Diet is number one. A great, active, fun lifestyle after that.”

Tane Coffin, Brad Homes, Madison Voloshin, Jason Anthony, Bottega Veneta
Trousers by Bottega Veneta

International male model Jason Anthony agrees: “Dieting is massively important. I love food that’s wholesome and healthy—lots of fruit and greens.”


Consistency, consistency, consistency

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According to actor, model and bona fide fitness trainer Jon Herrmann, it all comes to consistency and finding a balance. It’s the drive to become a better person every day, as he puts it: “I’m not looking for perfection anywhere in my life, but what I am looking for is progress every new day and another opportunity to wake up and be better than I was yesterday.”