7 Most Notable Brands to Grace the Runway from Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion 2019

Last September, Plaza Indonesia held its tenth edition of its annual Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week, featuring 15 brands in total from Indonesia and abroad—and making its return with a bang.

This time around, the event took on the theme of “Eco Age” which lasted for five days from September 25 to 29, held at The Warehouse at the fifth floor of Plaza Indonesia. From celebrities to fashion enthusiasts who came fashionably dressed, the event was attended by a vast audience which made almost every show a full house. As one of the official media partner of the event, DA MAN rounds up some of the most notable brands to grace the runway and their runway show from the front row seat of the most exciting PIMFW so far:


Day five opens up with a bang, with Amotsyamsurimuda’s runway show that introduces its SS 2020 collection—called “Infatuation”. Its runway show narrates a story about a young mans’ journey through life and his “infatuation” towards it. Amot’s latest collection seem was inspired by the colorful youth culture of the 2000s, the 60s Woodstock era that emphasizes freedom of expression, and last but not least Amotsyamsurimuda’s earlier brand “DNA”. Its runway show also saw the debut of Amotsyamsurimuda’s monogram design printed through a number of outers in a selection of pastel color palletes. All and all, Amotsyamsurimuda’s SS 2020 collection truly displays vibrant and exciting colors that celebrate the spirit of the past, manifested through the design of the future.

Amot Syamsurimuda

Marks & Spencer

M&S Menswear was the first brand to open day two of PIMFW 2019, showcasing its Autumn Winter 2019 collection. Its latest collection focuses on offering more style, more contemporary fits and more versatility across the wardrobe with staples that include relaxed sweatshirts, authentic wash denim and contrast sole trainers. Key style updates to the collection were the camo print parka, double-faced wool jacket, cord over shirt and wool baseball cap. Styling was made simple, with a focus on layering and with a color palette of forest green, khaki and navy underpins the collection with highlights of camel, rust and burgundy. Lastly, the collection’s smarter looks are updated with tonal checks and contrast pinstripe was well as introducing abstract print for the party season.

(X) S.M.L

Next up, (X) S.M.L presented its latest Spring/Summer 2020 collection titled “Hotel Del Lily”. With its new collection, (X) S.M.L brought back the days of old glamor with vibrant colors, classic cut, and rich materials. The collection is also meant to celebrate two decades of creativity and innovation with (X)SML’s upcoming 20th anniversary and this collection is to. Numbers that were presented during the runway show featured many classic yet edgy silhouettes that have been recognized as the brand’s DNA.

ESMOD Jakarta

A regular of PIMFW, ESMOD Jakarta made its return to present its youthful and street style inspired “Class of 2018 & 2019” collection which raises the issue of diversity. Different from its previous fashion shows, ESMOD Jakarta takes the runway show in a concept of a performing art performance; students enter the stage with their hands tied and mouth closed mean to show a symbol of identity restriction. At the end of the show, the students finally releases their hands and mouth straps while shouting their differences.


Day four starts out with MORAL ‘s runway show, which say its presentation of Andandika Surasetja latest Spring/Summer 2020 collection that includes 24 unisex looks. Key pieces of the collection are the overcoat, the shirt, the parka, the straight cut trousers, pantsuits, and bowling shirt with a flair or detachable details in their latest collection–made with multi-functionality for all occasions—be it formal or casual. The collection forefront environmental friendly material such as tencel merged with up-cycled materials. MORAL claims that in response to this year’s eco fashion theme, they want to “evolve and not revolve”. Its runway show showcased some of its archived collection that has undergone the process of recreation to take it to another level.

Andandika Soerasetja

no’om | no’mi by Soetjipto Hoeijaja

no’om|no’mi returns to the PIMFW runway with its latest 2019/2020 release called “Jakarta Vanguard” (#JKTVGD). During its runway show, it showcases unisex labels with the mantra of sustainable fashion in mind for those who seek both “look good” and “feel good” no’om I no’mi has been focusing on sustainable fabric like organic cotton, recycle cloth as well as materials made from local masonX such as the recycled Batik or the natural-dyed Batik seen on the runway. The collection is heavily inspired by Jakarta; with the MRT, Ondel-ondel to its organized chaos manifesting itself to the design such in the form of the collections approach to its patchworks.

Soetjipto Hoeijaja


Jakarta-based front running streetwear brand slash movement Rigio became the closing runway show of the fourth day which saw a full house of attendance. In their latest collection, Rigio shows its strong believe in emphasizing genderless, comfortable, and elegant streetwear look through a number of pieces that plays a lot with contrasting colors and and paintings. Veteran DJ Paul Palele and actor Samuel Rizal was some of the few celebrities to walk on the runway in Rigio’s latest collection to the tune of live modular-produced electronic music.