7 Local Shower Gel Recommendations for An Invigorating Me-Time

Getting squeaky clean will be so much more fun with these picks

It is undeniable that hygiene is an important part of our lives. We take a bath or shower every day, cleaning our bodies from the dirt and sweat accumulating all day long. For some, it might seem that taking a shower or a bath is just a basic, mundane task that has nothing special. However, shower time can be a wonderful moment to pamper yourself, refreshing your mind and body while maintaining your body hygiene. And with perfect products, this daily task can be something you are looking forward to! Here are 7 local shower gel products we recommend to elevate your shower time to the next level!

Oaken Lab – Far Afield Body Wash

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Nothing is more invigorating than a refreshing morning shower and to make it better, you can go with Far Afield Body Wash by Oaken Lab. Enriched with natural oils that nourish your skin, the body wash will transport you to a pristine lakeside where a magnificent view of the mountain awaits, thanks to its woody and citrus notes. Adding luxury to your morning ritual, the body wash is formulated to create a silky lather. Far Afield Body Wash is available in 300 ml and 500 ml.

Sensatia Botanicals – Invigorating Shower Gel

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Living up to its name, Invigorating Shower Gel by Sensatia Botanicals is a new product that will give you an energy boost in the morning. The secret behind it? The extract of lemongrass. The shower gel also contains orange and lime extracts to revitalize your skin while reducing stress, thus putting you in a better mood. Sustainability is also on the agenda as the product is free of toxic chemicals and the bottle is made using Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCRP). Pampering yourself while saving the earth? Checked.

Botanical Essentials – Vetiver Body Wash

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A popular note in perfumery, vetiver is known for its earthy scent that is refreshing and Botanical Essentials celebrates this gem from Mother Earth with Vetiver Body Wash. The product contains vetiver root essential oil that helps fight bacteria and improves brain function, perfect for a morning get-ready. Vetiver Body Wash also contains calendula oil, pro-vitamin B5, and aloe vera extract to deeply moisturize and heal wounds. Available in 300 ml, the product is also pH-balanced and is a mild option for all skin types.

Dr. Soap – Naked Affairs Nourishing Shower Gel

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Looking for something vegan-friendly that is also perfect for sensitive skin? Naked Affairs Nourishing Shower Gel by Dr. Soap can be your hero. The product is formulated to be both tear-free and soap-free, making it suitable for your entire family, including your little ones. Enriched with Japanese kihada tree and mulberry leaf extracts, the shower gel also helps reinforce your skin barrier and brighten your skin, as well as reduce redness and itchiness—two issues often experienced by those with sensitive skin.

Sabøën – Musk Body Wash

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If you like the idea of incorporating a sensual touch to your shower time, you might be interested in Musk Body Wash by Sabøën. Musk is one of the most alluring popular scents, known for its warm, powdery facet that evokes sensuality and you’ll definitely get that vibe from this one. The body wash is further enriched with vitamin B5 and vitamin E that help speed up the skin regeneration, lock the moisture, and restore the suppleness. Musk Body Wash is also free of parabens and sulfates.

Creme and Tonic – Marou Body Wash

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A new offering from Creme and Tonic, Marou Body Wash will cleanse your body while keeping your skin moisturized and firm. Formulated with giant sea kelp extract, the product helps stimulate skin regeneration. Also contained in the blend is AHA and salicylic acid to take the dead skin cells away from your body, making your skin brighter. Marou Body Wash further takes pride in its invigorating aroma profile, thanks to the notes of cedarwood, citrus, and aniseed. The product is also sulfate-free, making it suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

The Bath Box – Goats Don’t Lie Tea Tree

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Our last pick is Goats Don’t Lie Tea Tree liquid soap by The Bath Box. As the name implies, the blend is made using 100% natural goat milk that is highly antioxidant to prevent premature aging of your skin. The soap also contains tea tree essential oil to tackle bacteria, as well as four natural oils and shea butter to moisturize and soften your skin. What’s more, Goats Don’t Lie Tea Tree is perfect for those with skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne.