5 Look Essentials from Joaquin Phoenix’s Style

As an actor and producer, Joaquin Phoenix has created and been featured in the world-acclaimed films including “The Village”, “The Gladiator”, and “Walk the Line,” (for which he received a Golden Globe for best actor). And currently, he landed the role of Batman’s legendary arch-nemesis, Joker, in the movie with the same title, directed by Todd Phillips. It was released on October 3, 2019. In terms of style, he’s always been famous for his eccentric, modern-day-hipster look. But those elements make him pull off some fresh looks, now and then.

DA MAN breaks down the essentials to pull off Joaquin Phoenix’s style:

Scarf It Up

Joaquin is known for his super laid back style—even at events. Back in 2015, when attending the “Inherent Vice” premiere at Vizio Di Forma in Rome, Joaquin walked onto the red carpet wearing a sports jacket, jeans, and boots. But with the presence of the scarf, it does a lot in terms of elevating his casual assembly into something more formal.


Loosening The Knot

One of Joaquin’s signature look is that he’s more often seen with a loosen-tie knot. One of them was when he attended the Berlin premiere of “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot” back in 2018. 


Sweater Bearer

Another quintessential part of Joaquin’s style is that he loves his sweaters—which are mostly black. 


Converse All-Style

Fast forward to 2019, we spotted Joaquin in a super crisp and clean look while still maintaining that signature hipster flair of his at the 76th Venice Film Festival—all thanks to his decent pair of Converse. From time to time, be it on the streets or even prestigious red carpet events (take for example the 70th Cannes Film Festival), he is often spotted wearing a pair the black low-top Converse—making it a consistently organic staple of his style.


Shade Master

For the “Joker” premiere at the 76th Venice Film Festival, he suited u and wearing a black sunglasses. Joaquin is one of the very few people to master the art of rocking a pair of sunglasses on the red carpet. From aviators to shades, he shows that sunglasses—when worn at the right moment—can unleash the coolest or even most glamorous potential of you.