4 Sport Fragrances We Love

THE SPORNOSEXUAL. In the vocabulary of eau de toilettes, the term “spornosexual” materializes in sports fragrances


Sports Fragrances Spornosexual Carolina Herrera Issey Miyake Prada Dsquared copy


Piquing our interest with touches of athletic and sexual allure, Dsquared2 Wild is the next evolution of fresh spring whiffs. Refreshing nuances of citrus are likewise bottled in the red-white CH Men Sport, while Prada Luna Rossa Sport escapes being pigeonholed owing to its mellow lavender and vanilla seduction. A fragrance even more evocative of sports is L’eau d’issey pour Homme Sport Polar edition from Issey Miyake, which encapsulates a journey to the arctic in a fragrant lime aroma.