3 Must-Have Eye Creams to Say Goodbye to Dark Circles

For men, dark circles under the eyes are often more of a cosmetic issue than a health problem. But this can be a hassle because it makes you look older, sleep deprived and less energetic.

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Lack of sleep is, obviously, the main cause of dark circles under the eyes, but there are several other reasons as well, including allergic reactions, eye strain due to spending too much time in front of a screen, natural aging, dehydration along with hereditary factors. Treating dark circles can be done by getting the proper amount of sleep or by using home remedies like a cold compress using tea bags. Using the right skincare products to support those solutions, however, will go a long way to getting rid of panda eyes. Be on the lookout for products with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and retinol, among others.

Check out these three main eye creams that will help you to solve this issue:


Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment is a weightless serum that targets problems developing around the eye area, leaving the skin with a smoother, firmer, and more youthful look.

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Formulated with 10-percent of pure vitamin C, peptide and hyaluronic acid, Kiehl’s Powerful Vitamin C Eye Serum helps reduce dark circles and puffiness, visibly smoothens fine lines and crow’s feet, to create fresher, brighter-looking eyes.

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Banana Bright Eye Cream contains specialBpigments to instantly brighten and color-correct the eye area. Collagen-boosted, it helps firms and deeply hydrates, while at the same time instantly targets fine lines and wrinkles.

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