3 Most Recommended Eye Gels

A FRESH START. If you feel your eyes getting a little puffy and unattractive, these eye gels will do the fix just right

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While often thought of as being similar to eye cream, eye gel actually has a more focused purpose. Aside from its lighter and silkier texture, eye gels are mainly used to reduce dark circles and puffiness of the eyes by cooling the area around it. As gels are better suited for those with an oily skin, eye gels are popular for young adults. Eye cream, in turn, is better suited for mature skin, which is indicated by a decrease in oil production—followed by the need for more care to keep it healthy. Conversely, if you simply need something to help refresh your eyes, reduce dark circles and get rid of any puffiness, then you should pick up an eye gel instead of eye cream. Not only are they cheaper, eye gel is more practical. Most gels are shaped like pens and some have a roll-on feature that allow you to glide the device under your eye. All you need to do then is pat it evenly with your finger.

L’Occitane’s Energizing Eye Gel


Enhanced with Corsican cedrat extract, L’Occitane’s Energizing Eye Gel fights the signs of fatigue around your eyes by toning down dark circles and reducing puffiness. Moreover, the gel immediately revitalizes and refreshes the area. This gel comes with an easy roll-on tip.

Clinique for Men’s Anti- Fatigue Eye Gel


Clinique for Men’s Anti- Fatigue Eye Gel also comes with a roll-on feature that provides instant relief while simultaneously revitalizing and hydrating tired-looking eyes. This gel also reduces undereye puffiness, dark circles while brightening the area around the eyes.

Shiseido Men’s Eye Soother


Shiseido Men’s Eye Soother is a cooling gel that delivers immediate soothing and hydrating benefits. Formulated with Vitamin C and E, this gel refreshes the skin around the eye area that has aged due to environment or strain. It will minimize dark circles, fine lines and signs of fatigue.

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