Book: Of Places and Spaces

OF PLACES AND SPACES. In a YouTube video covering the signing session of his book, rapper Pharrell Williams mentioned that, “I didn’t want to do a book that celebrated me; I wanted to do a book that celebrates my moment and enlightenment.”

That is, if not noble, a sign of creative wisdom he possesses. Listing dreamy contributors such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nigo and the powerful bob, Anna Wintour, among plenty other brilliant minds in the industry, Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been (Rizzoli) should definitely occupy a decent spot in your bookcase. It jams together Pharrell’s notorious achievement in being cool music head with his story as contemporary culture pioneer, illustrated with lavish photographs and related documentation.

3 more hot reads

MOD: A Very British Style (Bodley Head) creates a sort of memory lane while introducing modern-day fashion enthusiasts to the spreading influence of mod in the 1960s. The book, however, expands the exhilarating view of mod as cultural movement – from art, fashion and design to the issues of class, consumerism, race, etc.

The master of fantasy of the twentieth century, Neil Gaiman once again takes a deep plunge into his imagination, putting words into a poignant novel that calls for both adult and child readers. Revolving around a boy whose life is filled with strangeness, The Ocean at the End of the Lane (William Morrow) presents childhood innocence that blends with supernatural charms and spooky myth.


What actually happens if it is J.K. Rowling who experiments with different authorship? The Cuckoo’s Calling (Mulholland Books) has Rowling use the name Robert Galbraith in telling the story of a supermodel’s mysterious suicide. Despite the low initial reception, the book surged to the bestseller list soon after the real author was revealed.