Exclusive Feature: Rick Malambri

We last spoke with Rick Malambri ahead of his leading-man role in Step Up 3D in mid-2010 and his acting career has been going strong since

  Rick-Malambri-by-Yann-Bean4 for DA MAN Young Hollywood

Photo above: Suit by Klein Epstein & Parker, sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana



Most recently he has had a recurring role on the hit TV show The Lying Game, playing the role of ballet instructor Eduardo Diaz, as well as TV movies such as A Holiday Heist and After the Fall.

Here, Rick Malambri gives us more insight into his life and shares with us his desire to “take it to the next level” while modeling some cool threads.


Rick-Malambri-by-Yann-Bean for DA MAN Young Hollywood

Photo above: Blazer by G-Star RAW, hoodie by Ever, pants by James Jeans, shoes by Puma



DA MAN: One of your most memorable experiences is…
Rick Malambri: Honestly, I try not to take any experience for granted, therefore, I have many memorable experiences. My most recent though would have to be over the past year I have been to Nicaragua three times with my father. We spend a full week there and do nothing but surf. It is the ultimate father-son vacation. Not only that, most importantly, it is a completely different way of life there. The culture, the poverty, it really changes your outlook on our own lifestyle. Most of the time we don’t take the moment to realize how well we have it.

DA MAN: You can’t live without your…
Rick Malambri:
Wife and my Xbox…OK, OK and maybe our dogs. (chuckles)

DA MAN: Your idea of happiness is…
Rick Malambri:
To continue to do what I love and inspire people to do the same. Live your dreams!

DA MAN: You value…
Rick Malambri:
Honesty, Love, Dedication and Humility.

DA MAN: Something that you have not told anyone is…
Rick Malambri:
I do this weird thing where it’s kind of like a burp, but instead of it being an exhaling situation, it’s completely opposite. It’s like a hiccup, but not, because they don’t happen continuously, it’s more like once or twice. It’s the weirdest thing. When it happens, people always look at me and think I just belched, but really it’s like some crazy kind of hiccup. I don’t know … I told you, it’s weird.


Rick-Malambri-by-Yann-Bean7  Rick-Malambri-by-Yann-Bean for DA MAN Young Hollywood

Photo above: Jacket by Levi’s, beanie by Loro Piana, shirt by Boast, watch by Alpina, pants by Paul and Joe Homme



DA MAN: This year your goal is to…
Rick Malambri:
Take my career to the next level. I have been working very hard on my craft over the past year and a half and it’s definitely paying off. I feel like I have grown exponentially as an actor and I’m ready to show that progression to the rest of the world.

DA MAN: Fashion, to you, is….
Rick Malambri:
Whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

DA MAN: If you were not acting, you would be….
Rick Malambri:
My first love was Computer Animation, and it is something that I continue to do as a hobby in my free time. Art, in any form, has always been a huge part of my life. It’s an extension of one’s self. I always found it hard to express my own feelings and thoughts, so I would use other ways to do so. Hence my love for anything creative.


Rick-Malambri-by-Yann-Bean8 Rick-Malambri-by-Yann-Bean7  Rick-Malambri-by-Yann-Bean for DA MAN Young Hollywood


DA MAN: Your favorite journey has been…
Rick Malambri:
Life itself. Every waking moment is a journey. The highs, the lows … I love every minute of it.

DA MAN: Your motto in life is…
Rick Malambri:
It sounds so damn cliché, I know, but honestly … Live your Dreams. Nothing in life is impossible. One of the best quotes that has always stuck in my head since I was a kid was, “If you build it, they will come” from the film, Field of Dreams.





Photographs: Yann Bean
Styling: Monty Jackson
Grooming: Leslie Alejandro, using Celtic Cream, Kenra Volume Spray, Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo