1945 Restaurant Offers Distinctly Indonesian Dining

TASTE OF FREEDOM. The year 1945 holds immense historical significance for Indonesia, so it is only fitting that 1945 at the Fairmont Hotel (Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8. Jakarta; +62 21 2903 9179; 1945.co.id) specializes in elevating the very best of Indonesian cuisine to gourmet status while maintaining its authenticity


1945 Indonesian Restaurant Jakarta-1


Opened earlier this year on the auspicious date of August 17, the 1945 is set up as a “performance space,” where guests and the batik-clad servers interact to create a truly modern dining experience that is distinctly Indonesian, with such colorful creations as pecel kembang and sate lilit to lobster with pesmol sauce and srikaya soufflés.


1945 Indonesian Restaurant Jakarta-3


1945 Indonesian Restaurant Jakarta-4


1945 Indonesian Restaurant Jakarta-2


1945 Indonesian Restaurant Jakarta-dining room interior

Photography Joe Sabarto