12 Things that are Better than Valentine’s Chocolate

LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATE. Don’t let yourself down if you aren’t getting enough boxes of chocolate on the Valentine’s Day this year, as top designers rolled out plenty of chocolaty-toned pieces for you to own


Men's essentials from Bally Il Bisonte Braun Buffel Lanvin-2Toiletries bag by Bally;
Key rings, bracelets and card cases by Il Bisonte;
Wallet, coin purse, money clip and belt by Braun Büffel;
Sunglasses by LanvinOptik Melawai


Not only do the shades exude warmth, they also appear more luxurious and polished when paired with other neutral tones.

Combine different textures and shapes to spruce up your appearance and to get a sumptuously chic look from the otherwise classic mood.



Photography Haruns Maharbina
Styling Jay Robert Davies