12 of Timothée Chalamet’s Best Fashion Moments Through the Years

Timothée Chalamet is one of the most-talked about young actors in Hollywood at the moment, not only for his standout on screen performances but also due to his always daring and mesmerizing choice of fashion during off the screen appearances. He’s a brave fashion risk-taker and a very modern style icon.

Born in 1995, ‘Timmy’ got his first Academy Awards nomination as Best Actor at just 21 years of age after starring in 2017’s coming-of-age romantic drama Call Me By Your Name (which is also probably one of the best-dressed films in recent memory). Other stellar performances include movies such as Lady Bird and Beautiful Boy as well as their red carpet’s moments for Timothée and his style to conquer.

DAMAN’s sums up Timothée Chalamet’s best fashion moments through the years:

1. The New Kid On the Block

Being a teenager lets you get away with anything you want in life, such as the case for Timothée when attending Snowpiercer premiere at The Museum of Modern Art on June 24, 2014. Looks like he didn’t fancy the formal attire at all, and instead went for a style that says “I-skipped-class-and-went-straight-to-a-premiere.” Just look at those Vans sneakers, which probably is the same pair he used in school. But keep in mind, without the jacket, he could be just an ordinary then-19-year-old boy who really didn’t get his agent’s memo.

2. Purple Rain

It was at this time around, Timothée stared linking up with menswear master Haider Ackermann, who seemed to have seen a lot of potential in him. Being a newcomer in Hollywood in his teenage years, Ackermann knows that he can get away and even pull off the color purple. Remember Justin Bieber in his early 2009 aesthetics? As for Timothée, the young star pulled off the color in such swagger during 2017’s Call Me by Your Name photo call at the 67th Berlinale International Film Festival Berlin.

3. The Arctic Monkey Look

A suit and turtleneck—one of the 70s quintessential look—which Timmy wore at the Lady Bird premiere at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. What made Timmy’s rock this look flawlessly is that he knows he has the body feature that could pull off the timeless look. And with that hair, give him a guitar and he could even be part of the Brit Rock-Pop band Artic Monkeys!

4. The Boy Next Door

Doing a PR tour at a radio talk show doesn’t mean no photos or videos potentially going viral. Nothing ever goes wrong with a smart casual dress code, especially with a clean shirt topped off with a textured sweater. Given the right fit and colors, it will certainly give you an easy chic look.

5. Teenage Heartthrob

At this point we’ve learned that Timmy really likes the color black and that he likes the jacket do the talking (as well as that thing of beauty a.k.a his boots). At the 2018 BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles, Timothée went for a dark brown colored-jacket.

6. The Velvet Man

As time went by, Ackermann loved dripping Timothée with velvet. It finally reached its high point when Timothée arrived in this dark maroon casual suit at Berluti Menswear Fall/Winter 2018-2019 show at Paris Fashion Week in January. The young star exudes charisma and sophistication like he isn’t even trying.

7. On A Break From Fashion

This style of Timmy was the first to generate stir among fashion media. While other film royalty was rocking up gowns and suits, he showed up to the Independent Spirit Awards wearing a pre-fall 2018 Off-White utility shirt. Fashion media were drawing comparison of his style to a petrol station attendant—which probably means that he’s 10 steps ahead of everyone, right? The Virgil-designed look (unsurprisingly) really got people talking, all thanks to Timothée and the spirit of the youth.

8. As White As It Is

Colonel Sanders? More like an oil tycoon from the South! Wearing a white tuxedo is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s classic go-to option when attending a red carpet event, but not anybody could rock it off—let alone an all-white get up. At the 2018 90th Annual Academy Awards, we saw Timothée arrive in this all-white (even to his bow tie) look. Haider Ackermann is, again, the person behind this sharp look, which he was reported saying “He was the young dude between all those massive actors. I wanted him to be pure.

9. Red Hot Timothée

And when we thought an all-white suit couldn’t get any bolder, the color red as shown by Timothée at the Amazon Studios of Angeles Premiere of ‘Beautiful Boy’ came in stronger! Choosing a lighter-colored red shirt under that super eye-catching jacket is a stroke of fashion brilliance.

10. The Bespoke Gentleman

At the 30th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Film Awards Gala, Timothée went for another classic look. A look that shows how much of a master he is when it comes to modern tailoring. Looking like an upcoming pro equestrian from the 40s, Timothee donned a double breasted suit, ditching the tie and wearing a pair of serious boots—a youthful and easy smart dress choice to pull off.

11. The Black Tie’s Replacement?

This look created a fashion storm at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. Is it a holster? A bib? A harness? And it certainly isn’t a suspender (or could it…?) Whatever it is, the risky clothing piece by LV menswear’s Creative Director Virgil Abloh is certainly creating new standards as formal or even non formal clothing piece. But one thing’s for sure from Timothée’s red carpet look: it could possibly be the replacement of black ties in the future.

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12. A Well-Established Modern Day Fashion Icon

Despite his departure from Berluti, Haider Ackermann’s partnership with Timmy continued and has him coming back for more. At the 76th Venice Film Festival, Ackermann and Timmy basically reinvented the suit and perceptions of what modern menswear could be by walking in an avant-garde silver silk suit by his go-to designer—just a sign of all things to come in terms of Timmy’s ever daring and risky fashion evolution.

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