10 reasons why Travis Kelce is also a Fashion MVP

Pro footballer, NFL star—and Taylor Swift’s partner—Travis Kelce scores big in the fashion department with his chic, off-duty style

Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” might have garnered a lot of attentions worldwide, but there is another part of the singer’s story that equally worth a headline beside her spellbinding stage act: her romance with Travis Kelce. Considered as one of the best tight players in the NFL , Kelce not only deserves praise for his on-field performance but also, it happens, his stylish appearances while off the field.

Long before he met Swift, Kelce has already made a reputation for being a fashion-forward athlete. His sense of style is daring and unpredictable. Among his most memorable looks is a playful striped shirt combined with a classic coat, as well as a rainbow cable-knit set with a contrasting puff jacket. For his read carpet appearances, however, Kelce’s game plan usually involves sleek ensembles matched with eye-catching brogues or sneakers.

As for designer preferences, Kelce’s favorites include matching sets from KidSuper, a printed jacket from Jil Sander (which he wore during his first public appearance with Taylor Swift) and bags from Louis Vuitton. He sometimes pairs his designer outfits with streetwear brands to showcase his versatility.

Below are some memorable moments from his various outings…