10 Male Olympians to Look Out for at Rio 2016

TOP TEN. These guys are one of the many reasons why this Olympics are not to be missed out



It wouldn’t be the Olympics without some form of controversy. The Rio 2016 Olympics, which will start in mere days, are laden with it. But we’d be lying if we said we didn’t wait eagerly for all the televised tears, sweats and displays of nationalism. Not to mention the sportsmanship and athleticism of the athletes.

Which is why we’re compiling a list of 10 male athletes we can’t wait to see at the Olympics. Check it out below!



1. Michael Phelps


michael phelps_10 male athletes to anticipate at rio 2016


This year’s Olympics will be the last one for the most-decorated Olympian of all time. All eyes will definitely be fixed on him!



2. Usain Bolt

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Just like Phelps, the Jamaican sprinter has confirmed that Rio 2016 Olympics will be his final one. Will he manage to win the 100, 200, 4 x 100-meter relay races as he has hoped?



3. Tom Daley

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The darling of London Olympics, British diver Tom Daley had to settle for bronze medal four years ago. He’ll definitely go all out to get his gold this time!


4. Neymar




The Brazilian soccer star had to miss 2016 Copa America to concentrate on the Olympics. Let’s see if he can get his “revenge” and help his team to sweep the gold!



5. Andy Murray

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Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic may stand between Andy Murray and the gold medal, but the 2016 Wimbledon champion is in great shape this year!



6. Kohei Uchimura

The Japanese athlete has been hailed as the greatest gymnast of all time. Will he live up to everyone’s expectations?



7. Chris Froome


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The British cyclist has been given the stamp of approval by Sir Bradley Wiggins. We’re looking forward to see whether or not he’s earned it.



8. Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan


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Former Olympic gold medalist Hendra Setiawan is looking to win his second one with now-partner Mohammad Ahsan. Together, the Indonesian badminton players are the country’s gold medal hope. No pressure, guys!



9. Kevin Durant


Now that Stephen Curry is out of Team U.S.A.’s basketball squad, his Golden State Warriors teammate Kevin Durant will spend the Olympics in the public eye.



10. Ryan Lochte

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If there’s one Olympian that knows how to steal attention, it’s Ryan Lochte. Just a few days before the Olympics, Lochte successfully made headlines by… Dyeing his hair. Let’s just hope that his performance will be as cool as his hair.