10 Best-Dressed Men at The 80th Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globes is back with full glitz and glam this year. As The 80th Golden Globe Awards opened its door to the best names in film and drama, the ceremony kicked off with the stylish men making their entrance on the red carpet.

January kicks in, it means that all the prestigious award ceremonies will start immediately. Golden Globes has always been the first one to jump in, sets in the standard for another finest nominees among other awards. This 80th celebration lists down all the best names we have seen so far from the gold and silver screen a year back. Actors like Austin Butler, Colin Farrell, Evan Peters, and Andrew Garfield are not only awarded as nominees, they assured their names to be on the best-dressed line up as well.

 See our top 10 picks this year

Andrew Garfield in Zegna

Seth Rogen in Dior Men

Tyler James William in Amiri

Evan Peters in Dior Men

Austin Butler in Gucci

Sebastian Stan in Lanvin

Glen Powell in Brioni

Eddie Redmayne in Valentino

Barry Keoghan in Louis Vuitton

Collin Farrell and Brad Pitt