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Time Place Opens Ultimate Playground for Watch Lovers in Surabaya

SIZE DOES MATTER. Officially the largest in the country, the newly expanded Time Place in Surabaya is a one-stop playground for any watch buff


The largest Rolex in-store area in Indonesia
The largest Rolex in-store area in Indonesia


The retail business has been in a slump for the past year, given the unfavorable economic weather that’s been going on. But that doesn’t mean we can’t revel in new releases or business expansions. Going for the latter is Time International, the company behind multi-brand watch retail boutiques, namely The Time Place and InTime, which is pulling all the stops both via new blueprints and directly on the ground. Case in point: the newly revamped Time Place store in Surabaya.




Well-situated on the ground floor of Tunjungan Plaza IV, The Time Place boutique may be the only one in the city, but that doesn’t mean that it’s short of fine selections. Having been on the market since around 2004, Time International has amassed immense insight on what the market is really keen on and how to respond to demand accordingly. This year’s revamp was a much-awaited affair, promised to be the largest in Indonesia and beating any other boutiques in the capital city. So when the grand opening was held on Friday evening, August 19, 2016, the crowd was certainly pleased and impressed with how the company lived up to that promise.

The best part, beside the spacious 248-square-meter area, is that feel of familiarity. The marble-covered exterior and the golden-beige interiors are a trademark shared among the chain boutiques throughout the nation. It is the proud work of designer Laurence Howell from Indez Design Consultant Pte. Ltd., who has been in partnership with Time International for a long time. Even Irwan Danny Mussry, the company’s president and CEO, couldn’t hide his proud smile, “This is a person [Laurence Howell] who can draw your imagination closer. He’s seen how we work, how we embrace the brands and our guests. And he knows that this boutique and these watches are part of a dream, which we take seriously as a business.”


The new wing of The Time Place in Surabaya
The new wing of The Time Place in Surabaya



What’s so different about this boutique? A lot. From the outside, one can immediately spot two exterior pillars that divide the expansive boutique into three areas. The left wing houses everything Rolex, from the beautiful Datejust to the Oyster Perpetual pieces. It’s a definite candy store for a Rolex fan, who can have a seat, admire the scintillating timepieces on display, pore over the brand’s extensive history and, of course, bring one or two back home.

Sitting right next to the entrance door in the center area, however, are two storied watchmaking houses founded in the 19th century. There is the Audemars Piguet corner, where the emblematic royal Oak watches tempt any visiting guests. On the opposite end lies Cartier, bearing a wide range of tickers in signature silhouettes: square for Santos, rectangular for Tank, round for Ballon, oval-like for Clé and, the latest, cushion-shaped for Drive de Cartier.

The rest of the showcase at the back comes from the same playing field, namely Breguet, IWC, Hublot, etc. An insider’s note: Check out the temperature-driven Atmos clocks by Jaeger le Coultre—they’re truly one of a kind!

Those who are young at heart should take their time to discover the great variety of brands and styles presented in the right wing. It runs the gamut from the fashionable Gucci watches to handsome TAG Heuer collections. If you’re a movie addict, then Hamilton has several models that have already appeared in blockbuster titles, including “Interstellar” and “Independence Day: Resurgence.” Speaking of which, those films are rife with jet fighters, which are closely associated with Breitling, Bell & Ross and Zenith, three neighboring labels within the same area. All this is far from over, as more are on offer at the spacious boutique, which now also carries Longines, among others. But nothing beats the excitement to see all of it up close and personal.


The largest Rolex in-store area in Indonesia
Irwan Danny Mussry




DA MAN: How do you differentiate between the watches on offer at The Time Place in Surabaya and in other cities?
Irwan Danny Mussry: We always play it [watch selection] based on the strength and interests of the market. Of course, there’ll be watches prioritized for Surabaya, and we’ll even have distinctive events for the market that won’t be found anywhere else. we’re not taking Surabaya as a secondary market, so to speak. Even the Rolex corner here, apart from the standalone boutique in Jakarta, is the biggest in Indonesia.

DA: What about after-sales service?
IDM: We definitely wouldn’t expand our business without bringing in the whole package. So, obviously, Time Care [the service center] is also present at the boutique. Quick service procedures like checking and cleaning the watch can be done right away. And they are authorized by the brands. We’re the only one in Surabaya and, in fact, in Indonesia, for that matter.

DA: What about the plan of opening an InTime store in Surabaya?
IDM: This year we’re expanding InTime to Bali and Medan. Despite the economic conditions, this is possible since Indonesia is a new and emerging market and because our client is 95-percent local. We’ve looked at two to three locations in Surabaya, and we’re convinced to open an InTime boutique in 2017. It is such an exciting time for us.



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