How Instagram Changed Matthew Noszka’s Life

DA MAN: Your rise to fame has obviously inspired many aspiring models. What would be your number-one piece of advice for anybody looking to follow in your footsteps?
Matthew Noszka: Remind yourself daily of what you want to achieve and who you ultimately wish to become as a person. Talk to God and it will all fall into place. Have faith and bust your ass.

Outfit by Givenchy

DA MAN: On a related note, your rise to fame has obviously generated a lot of public attention. What is your number one method of dealing with the pressures of an increasingly public life?
Matthew Noszka: Honestly, just to live life and never take myself too serious. We are all human. If you lead your life with the best intentions for everything you do, it will all fall into place.

DA MAN: By the way, you are, currently, the only male model represented by Women/360. What’s the story behind this partnership?
Matthew Noszka: Luke Simone found me and gave me this life. The team I have at Women cannot be replaced. I feel loved and supported. Being surround by such an amazing group is what makes this all possible.


Outfit by 424

DA MAN: Do you think that there is—or that there will be—a significance to having a women’s modeling agency represent a male model?
Matthew Noszka: Anything is possible, and it’s moving and grooving right now, so I’m just taking it one day at a time.

DA MAN: You’re also on the latest campaign from DSquared2 with Gigi Hadid and photographer duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. What was it like working with them?
Matthew Noszka: Such an amazing a talented team. I am very fortunate to have met and worked with so many different people in my career and look forward to what’s in store.


Outfit by Alexander Wang, shoes by Givenchy

DA MAN: A lot has happened in the past two and a half years or so. Where do you see yourself and your modeling career another couple of years from now?
Matthew Noszka: On the big screen, baby! Movies is where my heart is. So, be on the lookout. [Smiles]

DA MAN: Can you tell us a little bit more about your passion for acting?
Matthew Noszka: I fell into it in college when I had to take an acting class as an elective. It turned out to be something I love. [There are] a lot of things in the works!

DA MAN: Do you have a favorite genre that you would like to focus on as you delve deeper into acting?
Matthew Noszka: I love romantic comedy and drama. “The Notebook” is one of my all time favorites.

DA MAN: As you’ve mentioned earlier, before you went into modelling, you were well on your way towards a professional basketball career. Do you still like to play?
Matthew Noszka: I try and get out as much as I can but not as much as I’d like.

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