Hermès’ Stylish Take on the Fanny Pack

ACOUSTIC ELEGANCE. Hermès is bringing fanny packs back in style—in a suitably classy and elegant fashion, of course

Acoustic Elegance

For its fall/winter 2017 menswear collection, the French luxury house managed to stay true to its roots while creating a range of offerings that are easily wearable. The leather fanny packs, for instance, blends seamlessly with most outfits. With a subdued color palette like navy brown and grey, these packs also sported clean designs. One exception would be the one with a robotic-spider-like pattern. But even this one doesn’t pop out excessively and instead manages to look subtle and in-sync. More importantly, Hermès has managed to reintroduce the timeless fanny pack in an effortlessly luxurious package.

Acoustic Elegance