DA MAN Style F/W ’15/’16 Cover Story: Will Chalker

VIRAGE MONTAGE. For more than a decade Will Chalker has charmed the fashion industry with his dashing looks and strong poses. DA MAN Style invites him to Dover, England, for a special photo shoot


Jacket by Emporio Armani, scarf by Giorgio Armani

There seems to be nothing that Will Chalker has not done in modeling: posing naked with just a Louis Vuitton bag covering his private areas, showcasing his bare chest alongside Gisele Bündchen while caressing a zebra for Valentino, looking sleek in a Dsquared2 suit, sauntering the streets of New York while carrying a Coach bag … and the list of campaigns he has starred in goes on. Not to mention that he has dominated countless editorials in various publications and graced quite a number of covers ever since he was scouted in the late 1990s. It was, therefore, not a surprise when the media named him “the first male supermodel,” or when the British Fashion Awards nominated him as Best Model in 2004, making him the first man to be included in the list.

Underneath it all, the 1980-born model is a man who keep things low and prefers to talk straightforward. Additionally, he does not hesitate to express his love for his new family; one time, he even posed with his newborn son for a magazine cover. That balance between supermodel and loving father was brilliantly captured by photographer Marcos Domingo Sánchez in Dover, England, for DA MAN Style, using a technique called “Virage.” He used an actual filter from the seventies to reinforce certain colors, thereby creating a retro effect that allows some elements to appear more prominent than others. In the resulting pictures, Chalker’s eyes were especially blazing bright. He completed the photo shoot with such ease as only a seasoned model—or, dare we say, only he—can.



Jumpsuit by Kenzo, top by Ermenegildo Zegna Couture, gloves and shoes by Emporio Armani


DA MAN: Hi Will, how are you doing? What projects are you working on these days?
Will Chalker:
Trying to balance my work with family life at home. Especially since my wife and I have a son who will be two in November.

DA MAN: You’ve been modeling for more than a decade now. What’s your recipe for success?
Will Chalker:


“I look up to everyone in the cogwheel of fashion”


DA MAN: How have you been dealing with recent developments in the modeling industry?
Will Chalker:
I’ve grown with it as it has changed. One adapts.

DA MAN: How do you envision your career in the future?
Will Chalker:
I will be happy to continue for as long as the industry wants me.



Jacket, gloves and boots by Giorgio Armani, trousers by Etro


DA MAN: Let’s go down memory lane. When and how were you scouted?
Will Chalker:
I was working in construction when I was scouted.

DA MAN: You have then proceeded to front a number of fashion and fragrance campaigns. How do you embody the different characteristics of the brands?
Will Chalker:
It’s an acting job. It’s all about being able to morph.


Jacket by Etro, roll neck jumper by Ermenegildo Zegna Couture

DA MAN: What was the most challenging shoot you’ve ever been in? What was your most favorite shoot?
Will Chalker:
Just dealing with long flights and shooting at the other end is always challenging. My favorite was shooting a campaign with my son.

DA MAN: Who do you look up to in the fashion industry?
Will Chalker:
I look up to everyone in the cogwheel of fashion.

DA MAN: An article mentioned that you are also an amateur boxer. Can you tell us how you ended up boxing? Have you always been into sports?
Will Chalker:
I’ve always been into sports. I tried boxing when I was 17.



Suit and shirt by Issey Miyake Men, shoes by Hermès


DA MAN: How is your boxing career going so far? Will you consider pursuing it fulltime?
Will Chalker:
No, it became something I did just for fitness later on.



Coat & trousers by Lanvin, roll neck jumper by Kenzo, boots by Etro


DA MAN: What do you do when you are not working?
Will Chalker:
Spend it with my family.


“I love my life. It would seem ungrateful to want to be someone else”


DA MAN: If you could swap life with someone for a day, whose life would you want to live in?
Will Chalker:
I love my life. Personally, I think it would seem ungrateful to want to be someone else.



Coat by Hermès, t-shirt by Lanvin


DA MAN: How would you describe your personal style?
Will Chalker:

DA MAN: What is your guilty pleasure?
Will Chalker:


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Photography Marcos Domingo Sánchez
Styling Visori Fashionart
Grooming Fidel Fernández
Model Will Chalker/New York Model Management
Jumpsuit and Gloves by Kenzo, Scarf by Etxeberria, Boots by Emporio Armani
Production Deebeeevolution (marcosdomingo.com)