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Exclusive Online Feature: Tommy Savas

Tommy Savas Featured Image

ON THE MOVE. Tommy Savas is an emerging acting talent who believes in putting in the hard yards and never giving up Shirt by Forever 21, watch … [Read more...]

Exclusive Online Feature: Mo McRae


TRUE PURPOSE. An inspiring young actor with a head for producing and directing, Mo McRae is part of a new generation of multi-talented thespians … [Read more...]

Exclusive Online Feature: Malcolm Goodwin

Malcolm Goodwin

QUIETLY CONFIDENT. Though quiet and reserved in person, put Malcolm Goodwin in front of a camera and his talent is plain to see A classically … [Read more...]

Exclusive Online Feature: Michael Socha

Feature Darling Michael Socha

REBEL WITH A CAUSE. A bad boy through and through, the mischievous Michael Socha leads us down the rabbit hole and shows us how misbehaving bagged … [Read more...]

Exclusive Online Feature: Jake McDorman

Feature Darling Jake McDoorman

THE TIME OF HIS LIFE. Jake McDorman spills the beans to DA MAN on what to expect on the next season of “Shameless” and the upcoming horror … [Read more...]

Exclusive Online Feature: Jack Griffo

Jack Griffone3

Only time will tell as how actor-cum-singer Jack Griffo will blossom through his adolescent years. As for now, the teen heartthrob shares his … [Read more...]